Honolulu Family Lawyer

When you are in need of an attorney, it would be a good idea to call our office for assistance.

If you plan on recovering any money to help pay for your injuries or your extended recovery, you need to be sure to have our attorney in your corner to help you.

When you need to prove you were not at fault and the other driver was not watching the road, let our accident attorney help you.

If you feel you need to terminate the parental rights of your spouse, our lawyer will know what to do for you.

Workers compensation is the insurance that should take care of all the medical bills if you are hurt on the job.

Be sure to get the names of any people who witnessed your crash in case you need them to tell what they saw.

If you are hit in an intersection by more than one vehicle, call our lawyer right away.

We have an experienced staff that can take care of the paperwork you have after an auto accident.

When you are in an accident and you have a catastrophic injury, you and your family need to be compensated for that injury.

Business owners who are getting a divorce will have a different set of priorities than couples with no children and not many assets.

When your insurance company wins a claim, you can bet it will not be a claim in your favor.

We will make several attempts to deliver your papers in a legal fashion, according to the law.

Spousal support and child support may need to be amended throughout the course of your life, after a divorce takes place.

Before you talk to anyone about your personal injury at work, call our office and let us do the talking for you.

If your employer fires you because you had an accident at work, contact us immediately.

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